My Anime 3×3

These are the nine shows that I consider the greatest anime of all time.

1.) Wandering son

-It has great characters

-it has a spectacular art style

-it has a great plot

-It’s based on one of my favorite manga

2.) Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl

-Likeable characters

-Interesting plotlines


– A cool art style.

3.) Boku No Hero Acadamia

-It’s an underdog story

-It has great animation

-The characters have cool, and interesting powers

-The character designs are amazing!

-All Might is the best thing in the world.

4.) Yuru Yuri

-Endearing characters

-It’s hi-freaking-larious!

-It’s character designs are so cute

-It’s about lesbians

5.) Space Patrol Luluco

-It’s made by my favorite director

-It has an awesome art style

-It crossed over with Sex and violence with matchstick and Inferno Cop

-It has great comedy

-I like the characters

-The setting is amazing

6.) Konosuba

-Probably one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen.

-Megumin is my waifu

-It has a good version of the ‘Trapped in an MMORPG’ trope.

-It’s well animated

-I had an amazing time watching it.

7.) Gurren Lagann

– Spectacular animation (Stay in that corner episode four you’re still on time out!)

-Amazing fight scenes

-A great story

-Amazing characters

-A cool setting

8.)SoulĀ Eater

-Epic fight scenes

-Awsome characters

-Made by the best anime studio ‘Studio Bones’

-Death The Kid is the best

-It has a great story line

-The comedy is good

9.)Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

-The plot is spectacular!

-The characters are so three dimensional!

-The animation is amazing!

-The dub is amazing!


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