Mob Psycho 100 episode 1 review.

Mob Psycho ONE (Punch) Hundred is an anime based on a web comic by the manga author/”artist” (If you’ve read it you know why the quotes are there) known as “ONE”. I just finished up watching the first episode and oh boy is it ever good.

pt 1: Characters:

Holy cow are there ever good characters in this! The two characters who the episode is focused (Mob and Arataka) are both extremely likable I of course preferred Aratake though because I love conman type characters. While Mob dose not have as much development we find out a few things about him like who his crush is, how powerful he is and the such. I give the characters a 7.5.

pt 2: story:

The episode is a standalone story which is actually quite stupid and is really just one big joke about the stupidity of bikers. The characters are really the only thing that pushes along the story. It spends most of it’s time setting up what will mostly end up being major plot points. I give the story a 6.5

pt 3: animation:

This anime is created by my favorite anime studio OF ALL TIME!! Bones, that is the studio. So if you have seen any Bones anime you will know that they make incredible fight scenes, but not just that no they make incredible EVERYTHING when it comes to animation, like really there were almost no scenes where it was just stills and that is amazing. I give animation a 8.9.

So yeah those are my thoughts on Mob Psycho 100. I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that I have made you want to watch this series which in the end I give a 8.9, I know it makes no sense with the part scores but I DO NOT CARE it’s my blog, get over it.


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