This week I wasn’t able to get around to watching much anime but I did watch a few things from 2002 (as a side note I am including shows I have seen from 2002 before this, this also includes shows that ran through 2002.).

So far I watched the following anime from 2002 Love Hina Again OVA (episode 1), Cosplay Complex OVA, Hoshi no Kirby (completed), Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Masters (completed), One Piece (dropped), InuYasha (episode 1-27, on hold), .Hack Sign (episode 1), Naruto (completed), Vandread: Gekitou-hen (completed). That’s what I’ve seen so far.


Cosplay Complex,  Naruto, InuYasha, Hoshi no Kirby.

Not Recommended:

One Piece, Vandread: Gekitou-hen

No opinion:

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Masters, .Hack Sign, Love Hina Again OVA.

Some Person signing off.




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